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GRANT- 2009 IREX/WWC Regional Policy Symposium on Youth in Eurasia/Eastern Europe

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GRANT- 2009 IREX/WWC Regional Policy Symposium on Youth in Eurasia/E. Europe

Posted by: Sarah Shields <sshields@irex.org>

Grant for US Graduate Students, Pre-Tenure Faculty and Professionals

2009 IREX/WWC Regional Policy Symposium:

Prospects and Challenges for the First Post-Communist Generation:
Young People Today in Eurasia and Eastern Europe

Application Deadline: December 1, 2008

IREX (The International Research & Exchanges Board) in collaboration
with the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars' Kennan
Institute (WWC) will be administering a research symposium this spring
that will examine issues concerning youth in Eurasia and Eastern
Europe from multi-disciplinary perspectives.

The research symposium, supported by the United States Department of
State (Title VIII Program), will bring American junior and senior
scholars and members of the policy community together to study and
discuss timely topics as they relate to youth in these regions.
Possible topics may include: economic trends; political parties;
education reform; public health; reproductive trends; trafficking and
other cross-border criminal activity; and other related topics.

Junior scholars will be chosen based on a national competition to
present their current research on the topic of the Symposium. Grants
will be awarded to approximately ten junior scholars.

The Symposium is scheduled to take place in early April 2009 in the
Washington, DC, metropolitan area and will involve two full days of
reviews of current research projects, roundtable discussions, and the
development of policy recommendations.

Technical Eligibility Requirements:
* Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents of the United
States who are currently residing in the US.
* Applicants must either be currently enrolled in an MA, MS, MBA, JD,
or PhD program or have held a graduate degree for 10 years or less.
Applicants who hold an academic post must be pre-tenure.

Grant Provisions:
* Round-trip airfare (provided by IREX through its travel office)
and/or surface transportation from anywhere in the United States to
the symposium site.
* Meals and accommodations for the duration of the symposium.

To receive more information on the 2009 Regional Policy Symposium,
please send e-mail inquiries to Symposium@irex.org.

Application materials are available on the IREX website at:

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