Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Checking your list subscriptions under jpickett210@gmail.com (Central-Eurasia-L and Central-Asia-Harvard-List)

Dear James Pickett:

This is a periodic address check of the lists of the Program on
Central Asia and the Caucasus at Harvard University. You are
subscribed to Central-Eurasia-L and Central-Asia-Harvard-List with
the address jpickett210@gmail.com.

If you appreciate the information that you receive from our lists,
please pass on the information (see the bottom of this message) to
others who might be interested.

Updating your subscription:

- If no change is needed, NO RESPONSE IS NEEDED.

- If you receive multiple copies of this message, and don't want to be
subscribed under multiple messages, please let us know which one
you wish to
keep subscribed.

- If you want to update your subscription to a different address, let us know
(or if you want to be unsubscribed).

Thank you,

John Schoeberlein
Central-Eurasia-L and Central-Asia-Harvard-List Chief Editor
Director, Harvard Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus

For more information on our lists, see:

Central-Asia-Harvard-List (for announcements relevant to Harvard and Boston -
ca. 3,600 subscribers):

Central-Eurasia-L (for announcements on Central Asia/Eurasian studies
worldwide -
ca. 6,000 subscribers):

To subscription to one or both lists via email, write to:

Harvard Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus
Davis Center \ Harvard University
1730 Cambridge St., Room S-320 \ Cambridge, MA 02138 \ USA
HPCAC office: +1/617-496-2643 fax: +1/617-495-8319
E-mail: centasia@fas.harvard.edu
HPCAC website: http://centasia.fas.harvard.edu

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