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LECTURE- Visions of Islam in Central Asia, John Schoeberlein, Washington, DC, Sept. 22

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LECTURE- Visions of Islam in Central Asia, J. Schoeberlein, Wash., DC, Sept. 22

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Visions of Islamic Culture and the Transformation of Post-Soviet
Central Asian Societies

with John Schoeberlein

Monday, September 22, 2008
12pm, McGhee Library

Lunch Provided.

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John Schoeberlein will speak on the social transformation that
involves Islam ­ the competition over visions of society and the role
Islam should play in that (and which kind of Islam) that is taking
place on all levels of society.*

John Schoeberlein is Director of the Program on Central Asia and the
Caucasus at Harvard University, which he was instrumental in founding
in 1993. His research focuses on identity, ethnicity, gender,
nationality, religion, and community organization among the Islamic
peoples of Central Eurasia. He has conducted a total of over five
years of anthropological field research in various parts of
Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. He received his Ph.D. in
Social Anthropology from Harvard University. He has taught courses in
the anthropology, history and politics of the region as Lecturer on
Central Asian Studies at Harvard University since 1993. During
1998-99, he headed the United Nations' Ferghana Valley Development
Programme, working on participatory approaches to conflict resolution
in the region. During 2000-2001, he was Director of the Central Asia
Project of the International Crisis Group, working to diminish the
possibilities of conflict in the region.

His current research topics include the rise of radical Islam in
Central Asia, the impact of national state formation on identity in
Central Asia, the factors affecting the potential for violent
inter-communal conflict, and means of promoting community-level
participation in economic reform.

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