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PUBL.- Following Marco Polo's Silk Road, Brian Lawrenson

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PUBL.- Following Marco Polo's Silk Road, Brian Lawrenson

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A Unique Silk Road Experience

Following Marco Polo's Silk Road by Brian Lawrenson is a new book
about a modern journey of discovery.

50,000 people a month Google "Silk Road" and the numbers are
increasing. Travelling the Silk Road has never been more popular.
Everyone with a zest for adventure travel is heading to China before
the "old China" is lost in its rush to modernise. Brian Lawrenson and
his wife Jill recently spent three months travelling the Silk Road
and have written Following Marco Polo's Silk Road that describes
their adventures. It is a book about their passion for travel.

It provides an autobiographical account of their travels through the
Middle East and Asia. They followed the broad route taken by the
legendary Venetian explorer Marco Polo.

Starting in Venice, the book follows the Lawrenson's adventures as
they travel through Turkey, Syria, Jordon, Iran, Pakistan,
Uzbekistan, Kashmir, India, Nepal and China to eventually reach
Beijing. Completed over a number of years, the collected journeys
include a recent account of the Taliban's influence in Pakistan's
Swat Valley, a flash point in the ongoing struggle against extremist
ideology in western Asia. This happened during a three week Jeep
journey through remote parts of Pakistan.

Other experiences include riding camels along part of the Karakorum
Highway in China, reaching the hard-to-find Shipton's Arch (the
world's tallest natural arch) in China, travelling in India by taxi,
crossing Iran during the Iran-Iraq war and clearing an airstrip of
snow so that they could fly out. Lawrenson said "Sometimes nativity
has its rewards; it adds to the intensity of the experience."

For more information or to request a free review copy, please contact
the author at

Following Marco Polo's Silk Road is available for sale online at and through wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the Author

Brian Lawrenson is retired. He spent his working life in IT. He was
born in Yorkshire, UK, educated in South Africa, married a New
Zealander and settled in Australia. They began travelling in earnest
in the 1980's with three journeys to the Himalayas and in 1988 a
visit to the High Canadian Arctic. By 2008 they have travelled to
more than 70 countries. Lawrenson and his wife live in Sydney, Australia.

Review copies and interviews available.

Brian Lawrenson
Phone: 612 97396464

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