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LECTURE- The Subprime Mortgage Crisis, Maxim Ryabkov, Social Research Center, AUCA, Apr. 22

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LECTURE- The Subprime Mortgage Crisis, Maxim Ryabkov, SRC-AUCA, Apr. 22

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The Social Research Center of the American University of Central Asia
jointly with the American Council/ACCELS

present Lecture:

The Subprime Mortgage Crisis: Lessons for Theory and Policy

Speaker: Dr. Maxim Ryabkov, Research and Teaching Fellow, OSCE Academy
Bishkek, Ph.D. in Political Science (Central European University, Budapest)

Discussant: Bahtiyar Bakas uulu,
Candidate of Economic Sciences, an expert of the Institute for Economic
Strategies - Central Asia, Kazakhstan; acting member of the Board of
Directors, Dos-Kredobank

Date: 17.00, April 22, 2009
Venue: Room 315, AUCA (Main Building)
Language: Russian
(Interpretation into English will be provided ONLY if requested in advance)


Bubbles in various markets have become a source of inspiration for critics
of unfettered capitalism as well as for academics exciting by puzzling
inconsistencies between data and simple models of economic behavior. Some
people, like George Soros, found here grounds for challenging the
foundations of economic modeling. The current crisis has started from a
property bubble - is there any lesson in this for us? The lecture reviews
the bubble formation process, compares cases and gives a critical overview
of the literature. The speaker eventually argues that the current crisis
invites an extensive change in our understanding of economic processes, and
so George Soros appears to be correct in his call for a paradigm shift.

Bio: Research and Teaching Fellow, OSCE Academy Bishkek; Ph.D. in Political
Science (Central European University, Budapest), previously Associate
Professor at the AUCA. Research interests: Political economy and politics of
higher education and healthcare.

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