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PUBL.- The Caucasus and Globalization, Volume 3 Issue 1 2009

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PUBL.- The Caucasus and Globalization, Volume 3 Issue 1 2009

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Please find below the contents of the Volume 3 Issue 1 2009, of the
Caucasus & Globalization Journal (in English and Russian). The issue will
be published in the end of April.

The Caucasus and Globalization
Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies
Volume 3, Issue 1, 2009



Georgia after the War: Toward Lasting Peace and Stability Archil Gegeshidze

Russia in Central Eurasia: Security Interests and Geopolitical Activity
Jannatkhan Eyvazov

Russia and Independent Caucasian States Alla Yazkova

The New Independent States of the Central Caucasus: The Achilles' Heel of
Their National Policies Svetlana Chervonnaya


Post-Soviet Migration to Russia: A Computable General Equilibrium Approach
Michael Barry

Decision Analysis in Fuzzy Economics Rafiq Aliev

Azerbaijan and the World Financial Crisis Ali Masimli

Management in Transition Economies: An Azerbaijan Republic Case Study Rasim

Microeconomic Environment in Post-Soviet Georgia: reverses and Paradoxes
Iza Natelauri


European Integration and Architectural Styles (How Globalization Started)
Tedo Dundua, Nino Silagadze

Collective Memory and National Identity in the Globalization Era (Empirical
Studies of the Azeri Youth) Rauf Garagozov

The Oriental Scientific and Cultural Area of the Middle Ages and Georgian
Science Tamara Abuladze


The "Turkish Crisis" of the Cold War Period and the South Caucasian
Republics (Part II)Â Jamil Hasanli

Geohistory of the Middle Ages: The Caspian and Volga-Caspian Water Routes of
the 5th-17th Centuries Parvin Darabadi

Rehabilitation of the north Caucasian Peoples: The Problems It Created for
the Chechens and Ingushes between 1957 and the Beginning of the 1990s
Mairbek Vachagaev

History of the Unified Financial System in the Central Caucasus Nikolai

Dissidence and Opposition in the Caucasus: Critics of the Soviet Regime in
Georgia and Azerbaijan in the 1970s-early 1980s Zaur Gasimov

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