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LECTURE- Nurten Kilic-Schubel: On Writing the History of Women in Pre-modern Central Asia, UCA, Bishkek, Apr. 16

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LECTURE- N. Kilic-Schubel: On Writing the History of Women, UCA-Bishkek, Apr 16

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University of Central Asia
Public Lecture Announcement

"On Writing the History of Women in pre-modern Central Asia:
Issues and Approaches"

Dr. Nurten Kilic-Schubel, US Fulbright Fellow in Kyrgyzstan

April 16, 2009, 4 PM
University of Central Asia Meeting Room, (207 Panfilov Street, 3rd Floor)


There is a growing literature on Central Asian women's history and
gender relations in Central Asia, utilizing variety of theoretical
concepts and approaches. Most of these studies focus primarily on the
Russian, Soviet and post-Soviet periods. While these studies certainly
increase our understanding of Central Asian women's experiences in the
modern and contemporary eras, they are often limited by an incomplete
understanding of gender relations in the pre-colonial period resulting
from a lack of scholarly attention to women's history in the
pre-Russian and pre-modern eras. This talk will explore issues of
women's history and gender relations in the Fergana Valley in the late
18th and early 19th centuries by examining a variety of
contemporaneous sources as a way of rethinking not only women's
history but Central Asian history in general.


Due to space limitations, please RSVP to
with your name and affiliation by April 14, 2009.


Dr. Nurten Kilic-Schubel is a Fulbright Scholar affiliated with the
Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University and the National University in
Bishkek. She is an assistant professor of History at Kenyon College in
Ohio, USA. Her research areas include the cultural and social history
of Central Asia in the pre-modern period with a focus on issues of
political culture, nomadic-sedentary relations and gender and women's
history in Central Asia. She has written several articles on these
issues and is in the process of finishing a book on the history of
Shibanid Khanate in the 16th century Central Asia. She is currently
conducting new research on women's history in Central Asia with a
special focus on women writers and poets in the Fergana Valley in the
18th and 19th centuries.

The presentation will be conducted in English (translation into
Russian or Kyrgyz will be provided if necessary).

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