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JOB- Director, Aga Khan Humanities Project, University of Central Asia

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JOB- Director, Aga Khan Humanities Project, University of Central Asia

Posted by: Nasreen Dhanani <nasreen.dhanani@ucentralasia.org>

Director, Aga Khan Humanities Project
University of Central Asia


The University of Central Asia (UCA) was founded in 2000 by the
governments of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan, and His
Highness the Aga Khan. It is the world's first internationally
chartered institution of higher education. UCA was created to offer
an internationally recognized standard of higher education in Central
Asia and create knowledgeable, skilled and creative graduates who will
contribute leadership, ideas and innovations to the transitioning
economies and communities of the region. The mission of UCA is to
promote the socio-economic development of Central Asia's mountain
societies, while at the same time helping the diverse peoples of the
region to preserve and draw upon their rich cultural traditions and
heritages as assets for the future. UCA operates within a framework
of values that espouses academic excellence, individual rights and
security, responsibility to community and public service, and ethical
and transparent operations of government and business.

The Aga Khan Humanities Project of UCA (AKHP) was established in 1997
as a project of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, to respond to dynamic
political, economic, educational and cultural trends following the
independence of the Former Soviet Republics of Central Asia.
Headquartered in Dushanbe, AKHP has developed eight textbooks in
English and Russian along with teacher manuals on integrated themes in
the Humanities compiled from existing sources. AKHP actively promotes
the use of the curriculum materials among the regional universities
and secondary schools in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, and
provides training for faculty and teachers on content and modern
pedagogical methods.

In 2007, AKHP was incorporated into UCA and is at an important
crossroads in its evolution. With the right leadership and confluence
of resources, AKHP aspires to become a vibrant intellectual and
research center for the study of Humanities in the region. Through
the provision of facilities, building of unique regional archives;
engaging the regional and global community of scholars; providing
fellowship and research support; hosting lectures, seminar and
conferences that foster multidisciplinary exchanges; and the continued
development of curricula and training programmes, AKHP will advance
scholarship in and about Central Asia, promote the study and
understanding of the humanities as well as contribute to UCA's mission
to help preserve the rich cultural traditions and heritage of the
diverse peoples of the region.

Position Profile

UCA is looking for a dynamic individual who can lead the evolution of
as a center for the study and research of Humanities in Central Asia
over the next tree to five years. The ideal candidate is a humanities
scholar with proven leadership, academic, management, and resource
development experience to develop and advance AKHP as a humanities
research institute over the next three to five years. The AKHP Director will:

* Provide strategic leadership to transform AKHP into a research
institute that would work closely with UCA's undergraduate and
graduate programmes; foster a multidisciplinary research agenda to
support economic and social development in Central Asia; and generate
a broader understanding of the enduring value of the humanities and
their relevance in today's world.
* Provide leadership to maintain AKHP's current programmes.
* Identify, secure and develop resources to build and support AKHP
activities, including financial, archival, research and human resources.
* Build capacity in humanities research in Central Asia through
unique research opportunities, the creation of research fellowships,
and the provision of research support and training.
* Foster strategic and multidisciplinary partnerships across UCA
departments, and with other partners including government, academia,
private, cultural and community institutions.
* Generate specific scholarly and programmatic outputs, including
archives, seminar and lecture series, conferences, a humanities
scholarly journal and humanities curricula.


The position will be located in Dushanbe, Tajikistan with frequent
travel within the three countries.

Required Experience and Qualifications:

The successful candidate will have:
* A relevant doctoral degree
* Demonstrated academic experience, with a record of scholarly
research and publications, preferably related to the humanities and
Central Asian studies
* Experience in leadership and management of research departments/
* Demonstrated ability to write grant proposals and secure funds for
research activities.
* Ability to promote interdisciplinary research across the
humanities, social sciences and sciences
* Experience building capacity in research skills and outputs,
including mentoring and supervision
* Ability to foster productive partnerships within UCA and with other
universities, government, donors, research institutions, private and
non-profit institutions
* Ability to organize international meetings/conferences to promote
the exchange of ideas and collaboration
* Ability to strengthen existing AKHP programmes, including
humanities curriculum, teacher training, and lecture series
* Ability to launch an academic journal in the humanities
* Experience organizing fellowship programmes at the doctoral and
post-doctoral level
* Excellent English skills required and knowledge of a regional or
foundation (Persian, Turkish, Arabic) language is highly desirable.

To apply:

Please send CV and letter of interest to:

Dr. Nasreen Dhanani,
Deputy Director & Director of Research
University of Central Asia
April 2009

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