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LECTURES- Spring 2009 Gibb Lectures: Tim Mackintosh-Smith, Travels of Ibn Battutah

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LECTURES- Spring 2009 Gibb Lectures: Tim Mackintosh-Smith, Travels of
Ibn Battutah

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The Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES) proudly presents the
Spring 2009 H.A.R. Gibb Arabic & Islamic Studies Lectures with Tim

To Travel the World: Journeys with Ibn Battutah
Tuesday, April 21
The Kinship of Strangers: Where Ibn Battutah Came From

Wednesday, April 22
On the Road: With Ibn Battutah in India

Thursday, April 23
Posthumous Journeys: The Later Travels of Ibn Battutah and His Rihlah

All lectures begin at 4pm
CGIS S010 (Tsai Auditorium), 1730 Cambridge Street

Guests attending the Tuesday lecture, are invited to join us
afterwards for a reception at CMES (38 Kirkland Street, room 102)

Tim Mackintosh-Smith's books are available at The Globe Bookstore in
Harvard Square: 90 Mt. Auburn Street, 617-497-6277

About Tim Mackintosh-Smith:

Ten years after the first publication of Yemen: Travels in Dictionary
Land, Tim Mackintosh-Smith still lives in San'a, in a house lit by
alabaster windows and standing on the ruin-mound of the ancient
Sabaean city. His forays out of the mountains of Yemen have, however,
taken him to many parts of the wider Islamic world between Morocco and
China, on the trail of the fourteenth-century traveller Ibn Battutah.
In the resulting books (two so far - Travels with a Tangerine and The
Hall of a Thousand Columns), he explores the complex and fascinating
intersections between present-day Muslim society and its own past. He
has also presented a BBC television series on his journeys in search
of Ibn Battutah, described variously by critics as 'marvellous,
memorable television', 'an almost lyrical experience' and 'splendidly
eccentric'. Tim Mackintosh-Smith has translated a number of works on
Yemeni history from Arabic into English and vice versa. He is a Fellow
of the Royal Asiatic Society.

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