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PROG. INFO.- Lake Baikal Ecotour and Volunteer Summer Camps

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PROG. INFO.- Lake Baikal Ecotour and Volunteer Summer Camps

Posted by: Elena Agarkova" <eagarkova@gmail.com>

This summer presents a chance to visit Lake Baikal, one of the most
spectacular World Heritage Sites, while helping support local
conservation efforts. The Great Baikal Trail Association, together
with its American partners Tahoe-Baikal Institute and Earth Island
Institute, are offering another eco-tour of Baikal's nature reserves
and cultural attractions. Boyd Norton, a famous nature photographer
who is also an author of a book about Baikal, will lead the tour. All
profits will go to benefit local conservation organizations, national
parks, and local residents.

For additional details please take a look at the full description of
the ecotour:


Another unique way to see this incredible region of Siberia is by
participating in one of the Great Baikal Trail's camps this summer.
Volunteers from all over the world live on the shores of Lake Baikal
for two weeks, contribute to developing eco-tourism by building a
1,300 mile-long recreational trail, immerse themselves in indigenous
culture, and make a meaningful contribution to the needs of local communities.

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