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EXHIBIT- The Eternal Traveler, Artist Reception and Book Presentation, ALMA

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EXHIBIT- The Eternal Traveler, Artist Reception and Book Presentation, ALMA

Posted by: Armenian Library & Museum <>

ALMA and Hamazkayin-Boston would like to remind you that the artist
reception and book signing with maestro Rafael Hambardzumyan will take
place at 4:00 on Sunday, April 29, at ALMA's Contemporary Art Gallery.
As you know, ALMA has been hosting Hambardzumyan's exhibit "The
Eternal Traveler". The artist will present his latest book showcasing
a remarkable collection of his photographs spanning an almost 60-year
professional career. Each page of this coffee-table book feels like a
small Armenia or Yerevan , and provides appeasement to the nostalgic
feelings of Armenians in Diaspora.

Hambardzumyan's photographs take the viewer on an emotional roller
coaster of pain, pride, hope and joy. Many Armenians know him for his
work for the prestigious "Yerekoyan Yerevan" news magazine published
in Armenia . While working for the magazine, he would capture unique
tidbits of the daily life of Yerevan and its inhabitants.
Hambardzumyan is the author of the most well-known panoramic
photograph of Yerevan.

His black and white photographs emanate rich personalities and nuances
of the captured moods. The portraits are deep, emotional, and moving:
Hambardzumyan creates magic with the angle of his lens and his
interpretation of light and shadow and finds a unique solution, which
makes the portraits "speak". Looking at his portraits one can't help
but be drawn to the expression of the people's eyes, and be
mesmerized, intrigued and simply curious… One of Hambardzumyan's most
celebrated photographs, "After Surgery" is the portrait of Ruben
Paronyan, where he captures the spiritual vigor of the surgeon
convinced in his mission with self-determination, balance, and firm

Hambardzumyan's style and talent is not limited to portraits. His
creations are full of variety and style. His inspiration comes from
his home country with its beautiful landscapes and people. The
photographs of scenic landscapes are breathtaking, and each of them is
a confession of his love for his home, Armenia . His sharp attention
to detail captures the beauty of nature. His lens makes the rocky
mountains of Armenia ring in harmony and shine with a majestic
magnificence. Every time his lens captured Mount Ararat , it is as if
it tried to bring the mountain closer, dissipate its mystery and
embrace its splendid beauty.

The exhibit "The Eternal Traveler" was reviewed in the Daily News
Tribune - to read the article please follow this link ALMA and
Hamazkayin-Boston are co-sponsors of the exhibit.

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