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PUBL.- DVD-ROM Thesaurus of Islamic Epigraphy (in French)

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PUBL.- DVD-ROM Thesaurus of Islamic Epigraphy (in French)

Posted by: Ludvik Kalus <ludvik.kalus@noos.fr>

Thesaurus d'épigraphie islamique

New triple installment: 7th/8th/9th
Inscriptions from Subsaharan Africa
Inscriptions from Irak
Inscriptions from Western Europe
grouped here together with the previous instalments.

The goal of the Thesaurus d'épigraphie islamique is to bring together
all of the inscriptions in Arabic, Persian and Turkish (as well as
from other languages) from the Muslim world up through the year 1000
of the Hegira. This new DVD-ROM with the 7th/8th/9th instalments
contains inscriptions from three new regions: Sub-Saharan Africa,
Irak and Western Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta and France).
These inscriptions (monumental, funerary as well as on portable
objects) are grouped here together with the 1st (1998) containing
inscriptions from the Maghreb countries, the 2nd (1999), inscriptions
from the Arabian Peninsula, the 3rd (2001), inscriptions from the
Central (ex-Soviet) Asia, the 4th/5th (2003), inscriptions from Egypt
and the 6th (2005), inscriptions from the Indian world, all updated
where necessary.

21 000 inscriptions and a new interface !

This new triple instalment now offers more than 21 000 inscriptions.
Thanks to a 17-year long experience and the continuous evolution of
computers making, a new interface has been developed.

100% Macintosh/PC compatible
The same functionalities are now available on both Macintosh and
Windows PCs making possible to perform searches quickly and easily
using various criteria such as date, location, kind of inscription,
site, type of medium, materials and more. By doing a key word search
of the Arabic text, you can locate all inscriptions containing a
particular word that will appear highlighted in seconds! It is also
possible to print entire files, lists of files or save temporary selections.

1100 photographs of inscriptions
The data-base increasingly integrates photographs of inscriptions when
available. The new disk already contains around 1100 photos,
particularly from the archives of the Max van Berchem Foundation,
brought to a new life by the Thesaurus.

The Thesaurus d'épigraphie islamique is intended for historians, art
historians, archaeologists, numismatists, linguists and other
specialists in Islamic Middle Age.

Designed and compiled under the direction of Ludvik KALUS, Professor
at the University of Paris-Sorbonne, Director of Studies at the Ecole
Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris
Carried out by Frédérique Soudan, Chargée de recherche de la Fondation
Max van Berchem, Paris and Geneva, 2009

Same Price
New costumers: 100 Euros for the triple installment, postage not included.
Subscribers (who have purchased previous installments): 20 Euros
(triple installment, postage not included).
The data base is updated approximately every two years with a new region.

Order from:
Fondation Max van Berchem
5, avenue de Miremont
Tél. et Fax(+41 22) 347 88 91
e-mail: info@maxvanberchem.org

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