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LECTURE- Financial Crisis in Kazakhstan: Lessons and Reality, SRC, AUCA, May 6

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LECTURE- Financial Crisis in Kazakhstan: Lessons and Reality, SRC, AUCA, May 6

Posted by: Social Research Center - AUCA <src@mail.auca.kg>

The Social Research Center of the American University of Central Asia
(www.src.auca.kg) jointly with the American Council/ACCELS present
LECTURE: Financial Crisis in Kazakhstan: Lessons and Reality

Dr. Bahtiyar Bakas Uulu,
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Analyst for the Institute of Economic
Strategies, Central Asia (Almaty, Kazakhstan), acting member of the
Dos-Kredobank's Board of Directors

Discussant: Sydykov Kazybay Sydykovich, an independent expert
Time: 5 p.m., May 6, 2009
Venue: Room 315, AUCA (Main building)
Language: Russian
(Interpretation into English will be provided ONLY if requested in advance)

Synopsis: This is the one of lectures within the series on the world
financial crisis. The economic consequences of the crisis will be
considered, using neighboring Kazakhstan as a case study. Before the crisis,
Kazakhstan's economic development model was recognized as one of the best,
not only in the post-Soviet area, but also among other developing countries.
Nevertheless, Kazakhstan was among the first countries to encounter the
challenges of the crisis. During the presentation, the speaker will review
the results of research on the impact of the world financial crisis on the
development of Kazakhstan's economy, consider some of the sectors of its
economy that have been most severely affected, and analyze the causes of its
economic slowdown. At the end of the presentation, the speaker will try to
draw some lessons from the mistakes that Kazakhstan's government made at the
beginning of the crisis and in the course of its evolution.

Bio: Dr. Bahtiyar Bakas Uulu is an independent expert in the field of
economics. He has held various positions in government bodies such as the
National Committee on Securities, the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic,
ATF Bank, the Vernyi Kapital investment bank (Kazakhstan), and Institute of
Economic Strategies, Central Asia (Almaty, Kazakhstan). He is an alumnus of
the Contemporary Issues Program, Department of United States, and author of
more than 40 scientific publications.

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The Public Speaker Series of SRC is supported by the US Embassy grant.

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