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EVENT- Mini-Festival - Dialogue of Cultures via Music, Dushanbe, May 11-18

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EVENT- Mini-Festival - Dialogue of Cultures via Music, Dushanbe, May 11-18

Posted by: Munira Shahidi <munira_shahidi@yahoo.com>

"Dialogue of Cultures via Music", dedicated to the memory of Ziyodullo Shahidi
11-18 May 2009, Tajikistan

Mini-festival 'Dialogue of cultures via music' is the next step in the
long-term project of the Z.Shahidi Museum of Musical culture and the
Foundation in integration of Tajik music both folk and classic into
contemporary world. The first Festival of modern music in Tajikistan,
initiated by Foundation in cooperation with Ministry of Culture,
French Embassy in Tajikistan, Opera and Balley House, Austrian Embassy
in Central Asia and Swedish Opera House was in 2004 and had a great
success. In 2005 we had a festival on: 'Maqam from Pamir to Andaluse'
in cooperation with Royaumont Foundation in France. Last year the
Foundation had an expedition to Turkey, having preliminary discussions
of the mutual projects for the future festivals of music. Also the
Foundation participated Rumi Festival in Oslo with folk music of
Davlatmand Kholov. The present project is worked out with British
Embassy and Maroon Town and group of 'Shams'. It will involve the
students and young people all about 2000 or more in both Dushanbe
and Khojent.

Such dialogue is very important for Tajikistan since there is a great
interest of the young generation and, especially, students to know
better Europe and EU. They are hungry for immediate, face-to-face
discussions and debates around diversity of cultures in globalizing
world and legalization of the soft and peaceful integration of Tajik
culture into the European reality of these days. This mini-festival
will draw on the mutual values, such as British and Tajik music in its
real and possible interconnection via improvisation of musicians and
painters. That mini-festival can give a real push for the further
Eurasian intercultural dialogue.

Program of the Festival is available on request.

Dr.Munira Shahidi,
Z. Shahidi Museum of Musical culture,
Z. Shahidi International Foundation for Culture (NGO)
website: www.shahidifoundation.com

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