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CONF.- Transitional Perspective on the Global Financial Crises, June 2

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CONF.- Transitional Perspective on the Global Financial Crises, June 2

Posted by: Ibrahim Keles <qelesh@hotmail.com>

Call For Papers

International Conference Bishkek, KYRGYZSTAN, June 2, 2009
Hosted by American University - Central Asia, MBA Department

Transitional Perspective on the Global Financial Crises

The current global financial crisis, the mortgage crisis, is affecting
not only the developed countries but also effecting developing and
transition economies. Till today lots of giant banks, different
financial institutions, companies and even countries lived bankruptcy,
and now everybody is thinking about when this crisis will finish, what
will be the effects on financial systems.
The conference aims at providing an academic platform for those who
want to discuss this crisis on transition economies perspective.

The conference welcomes submissions of academic scholars, government
experts, and all contributors from international organizations,
private institutions and companies.

Sub titles

- Financial systems of transition economies
- Financial system integration,
- Financial system security,
- Risk management,
- Shadow economy,
- Monetary policies,
- Exchange rate,
- Banking system and reforms,
- Capital markets, etc.

For all inquiries, contact Ibrahim KELES (conference coordinator) at

* Submissions should include in word format:

1) Title of the paper, Abstract (not more than 350 words; please pay
attention to provide a title and an abstract in line with each other,
and the abstract should be informative for non-specialists), Key words
(up to 5-6 ), Full names and affiliation of all authors, Corresponding
author's name, full postal address, telephone number, fax number,
email address

2) Resume(s) of the participant(s)
* Submissions are accepted in English, Russian, Kyrgyz, and Turkish languages
* Panels, roundtables and individual submissions are accepted.
* Proposals have to be emailed as attachments in word format to
Ibrahim KELES (conference coordinator) at qelesh@hotmail.com, before
May 20, 2009

Paper format

* All papers should be double-spaced with 11 font size (Times New Roman)
* Margins should be (4.00) at the top and left, (2.5cm) at the bottom
and right
* Limits: Approximately 20 pages. If your paper is longer than these
limits, we recommend you to shorten it before the submission


Ibrahim KELES (conference coordinator), qelesh@hotmail.com
Umut Jumaliyeva, MBA Department, mba@mail.auca.kg, +996 312 661114


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