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LECTURE- Teaching Humanity: Humanism and Narrative in Asian Islam, Vernon Schubel, AUCA, May 6

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LECTURE- Humanism and Narrative in Asian Islam, Vernon Schubel, AUCA, May 6

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Public Lecture Announcement

"Teaching Humanity: Humanism and Narrative in Asian Islam"

Dr. Vernon James Schubel, Professor of Religious Studies
Kenyon College, USA

May 6, 2009: 5 PM

University of Central Asia, 207 Panfilov Street, Meeting Room, 3rd Floor)

Abstract: One of the least explored elements of Islamic piety is the
use of narratives as transmitters of both ethical and mystical
teachings. Narratives about the Prophet Muhammad, the Shi'i Imams,
and Sufi masters (auliyah) in vernacular languages are a primary way
that Muslims communicate the important values of their faith and
tradition from one generation to the next. These narratives evoke the
presence of these important spiritual and religious heroes of the
Islamic tradition, persons who inspire both devotion and allegiance.
These persons serve as paradigmatic examples to be followed and
revered not only as exemplary Muslims, but even more importantly, as
exemplary human beings. Narratives about them provide windows into the
Islamic concept of humanity (insaniyat), one of the great unifying
elements within the Muslim tradition which penetrates and transcends
the cultural, linguistic and theological diversity of Islam. This has
been especially in the Eurasian Islamic traditions where narrative
traditions are particularly rich. Drawing on examples from Asian
Islam, this lecture will explore the ways these narratives "teach
humanity" and thereby maintain the core values of Islam.

Due to space limitations, please RSVP to
svetlana.bernikova@ucentralasia.org with your name and affiliation by
May 4, 2009. Please indicate if you would like translation into
Russian or Kyrgyz.

Dr. Vernon James Schubel is the Professor of Religious Studies at
Kenyon College. His book, Religious Performance in Contemporary Islam
was published by the University of South Carolina Press in 1993. He
has conducted research in Pakistan on the Muharram rituals of the
Twelver Shi'i community (in 1983) and pilgrimage to Sufi shrines in
Multan (in 1989). In 1996 he traveled to Uzbekistan to conduct
research on the re-emergence of the Sufi tradition in the former
Soviet Union. For the last decade his research has focused on aspects
of the Alevi-Bektashi tradition in Turkey. He teaches a variety of
courses at Kenyon College including Classical Islam, Sufism, South
Asian Religions and Voices of Contemporary Islam. He is currently
working on a book on the concept humanism in the Islamic tradition.

The presentation will be conducted in English (translation into
Russian or Kyrgyz will be provided if requested in advance)

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