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PUBL.- Central Asian Survey, Volume 27 Issue 1

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PUBL.- Central Asian Survey, Volume 27 Issue 1

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Central Asian Survey: Volume 27 Issue 1 is now available online at
Informaworld (

Local elites, prokurators and extraction in rural Uzbekistan
Lawrence P. Markowitz

Framing Andijon, narrating the nation: Islam Karimov's account of the
events of 13 May 2005
Nick Megoran

Deconstructing the myth of the Tatar Yoke
Marlies Bilz-Leonhardt

The formative years of Azerbaijani nationalism in post-revolutionary Iran
Gilles Riaux

Popular culture and religious metaphor: Saints and shrines in Wakhan
region of Tajikistan
Abdulmamad Iloliev

What price access to the open seas? The geopolitics of oil and gas
transmission from the Trans-Caspian republics
Rafael Kandiyoti

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