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CONF.- Azerbaijan-Turkey-US Relationship in Eurasia (Georgia & Kazakhstan), Baku, Sept. 17-18

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CONF.- Azerbaijan-Turkey-US Relationship in Eurasia, Baku, Sept. 17-18

Posted by: Louette Ragusa <>

Azerbaijan-Turkey-US Relationship in Eurasia: Georgia from the Caucasus,
Kazakhstan from Central Asia

Baku, Azerbaijan, September 17-18, 2008

Azerbaijan Turkey Business Association (ATIB) is one of the most active Business
Associations in the Region dedicated to furthering economic, social and cultural
relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey and then between Azerbaijan and other
countries. ATIB organized the first of its kind trilateral international
conference entitled "The Azerbaijan-Turkey-US relationship and its Importance
for Eurasia" in Washington, D.C. December 10, 2007.

The 2nd Annual International Conference "Azerbaijan-Turkey-US Relationship in
Eurasia, Georgia from the Caucasus, Kazakhstan from Central Asia," will be held
on September 17-18, 2007, we will discuss the cooperative roles of all fives
countries in furthering the development of Eurasia.

The conference will bring together representatives from policy realms, academic
fields, the business community, civil society and members from the government
of all five countries in an effort to continue to define the importance of the
trilateral relationship of the initial three countries and the two other
important players in the region. The conference will discuss:

Day One:
* Eurasian Geopolitics: Regional Security
* Eurasian Geo-economic: Regional Economic Development and Cooperation

Day Two:
* Eurasian Geopolitics: Energy Security and
* Eurasian Geo-economics: Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The conference is extended to two days so that the panels may be able to
elaborate on each area of discussion with an extended Q & A Session. These
panels are intended to be highly interactive where panelists and moderators
will not deliver speeches from a podium, but will instead be seated around a
discussion table. This is designed to stimulate open and honest discussion with
all participants.

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