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JOURNAL/CFP- ARMACAD Armenian Academic-Autobiographical Journal

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JOURNAL/CFP- ARMACAD Armenian Academic-Autobiographical Journal

Posted by: Khachik Gevorgyan <>

The editorial board of the ARMACAD Academic-Autobiographical Journal
invites authors to submit papers about their academic experiences in
and outside Armenia. The Journal will be divided into two sections.
The first section will include autobiographical articles of students
and scholars from Armenia who have been abroad for an academic
occasion - conference, seminar, summer school, degree programme,
lecture, etc. In the second section we will publish autobiographical
articles of foreign students and scholars who visited Armenia for
academic purposes - conference, seminar, summer school, degree
programme, lecture, etc.

The Journal will provide an open forum for all interested parties to
write about memories from their academic experiences in a free genre.
You are welcome to submit any interesting recollection you have from
Armenia and/or abroad. Any story related to your short, or a long term
stay will fit into the scope of the Journal. The Journal will be
published yearly and the authors may write about their experiences in
a series of articles. Representatives of all academic disciplines are
invited to contribute to the Journal. The Journal will be published in

Alongside your autobiographical article, please send your CV, a photo
and a short biography. The biography and the photo will appear with
your article in the journal. The short biography should include your
current affiliations, your academic interests and any other
information, which you would like the reader to be aware of. Please
limit the biography to 200 words.

Please submit all materials to:
Once we receive an e-mail from you with the attached documents, a
confirmation letter will be sent back to you. If you do not receive a
confirmation e-mail, then we have not received your materials. In that
case please resend them to: More
information on Journal will appear here:

DEADLINE: November 30th, 2008.
The first issue of the journal will be out in April-May 2009.

Editor-in-Chief: Khachik Gevorgyan (Yerevan)

Associate Editors: Mushegh Asatryan (Yale), Vahe S. Boyajian
(Yerevan), Hovhannes Hovhannisyan (Yerevan), Artashes Karapetyan
(Harvard), Gevorg Muradyan (Kaiserslautern)

International Editorial Board: Gevorg Avetikyan (CEU), Dzovinar
Derderian (Georgetown), Sona Gasparyan (Yerevan), Smbat Khachatryan
(Cairo), Ekaterina Manicheva (St. Petersburg), Gayane Melkom Melkomian
(Yerevan), Natalia Plechistova (Goettingen)

Khachik Gevorgyan

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