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CONF.- Xiongnu Archaeology Conference, Ulaanbaatar, Oct. 15-18

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CONF.- Xiongnu Archaeology Conference, Ulaanbaatar, Oct. 15-18

Posted by: Bryan K Miller <>

Silkroad Foundation presents:
International Conference on Xiongnu Archaeology
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
16-18 October, 2008


* Mortuary Customs and Ritual
* Ostentatious Burials and the Elite
* Interaction and Peripheries
* Art and Ornamentation
* People and Animals
* Landscape and Settlements

This international conference endeavors to bring together all
scholars, from Asia to America, actively researching in the field of
Xiongnu archaeology in order to discuss old and new research questions
in a focused group of both specialists and related scholars. As this
event will be structured around the exchange of ideas and constructive
discussion, the format will be different from most conferences. Brief
lectures of 20 minutes will be organized into thematic sessions, and
each session will close with discussant commentary and open
discussion. We thus aim to foster new ideas and approaches for the
research which has been presented by specialists in this field.

Conference Organizers:

Dr. Ursula Brosseder (Bonn University, Germany)
Bryan K. Miller, PhD Candidate (University of Pennsylvania, USA)


This event is sponsored by the Silkroad Foundation in cooperation with
University of Bonn, University of Pennsylvania, Institute of
Archaeology, Mongolia, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, National Museum
of Mongolia, and American Center of Mongolian Studies.

Registration at Conference Website:


Bryan K Miller
University of Pennsylvania, East Asian Languages and Civilizations
847 Williams Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305

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