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CFA- Policy Briefs: Corruption in Transitional Kyrgyzstan, Social Research Center, AUCA

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CFA- Policy Briefs: Corruption in Transitional Kyrgyzstan, Social Res Ctr, AUCA

Posted by: Chinara Esengul <>

Call for Policy Briefs

Topic: Corruption in Transitional Kyrgyzstan: Major Features, Implications
and Challenges

The Social Research Center at American University of Central Asia in Bishkek
( with financial assistantship from the Open Society
Institute is pleased to announce a Call for Policy Briefs on "Corruption in
Transitional Kyrgyzstan: Major Features, Implications and Challenges."

Corruption has pervaded comprehensively the government institutions in all
post-Soviet Central Asian countries which are still undergoing difficulties
and challenges of transition. At present, corruption is considered as a
major impediment to socio-economic development and even as a major threat to
security and sovereignty of a state. It is a result of the overwhelming
reach of corruption, which has penetrated all spheres of political, social
and economic life with extensive presence in the judiciary system and
nepotism prevailing at all levels of social activities.

This Policy Brief Project will provide an opportunity for scholars and
practitioners to share with their expertise and vision on the nature of
corruption in Kyrgyzstan and offer insightful policy recommendations on the
ways to overcome this problem by analyzing its specific aspects and forms of

Through this project the fellows will:

- Improve their knowledge in a particular aspect of corruption through
conducting policy analysis;
- Have an opportunity to present their findings to Kyrgyz policy-makers,
including state officials, representatives of international organizations
and non-governmental organizations;
- Publish their policy briefs in the SRC's Annual Bulletin and at the SRC'
Public Forum in Fall 2008;
- Get a small honorarium of USD100

Topics can include but are not limited to:

- Corruption in the court system: nature, scope and ways to overcome
- Corruption and economic growth: interrelationship, impact and challenges
- Corruption and large and small businesses: patterns, practices and
- Corruption and education sector: sources, trends and ways to overcome
- Government anti-corruption policies in a particular sector: failures and
best practices (e.g. health)
- Corruption in traditional Kyrgyz society: connotations and what are
delineation lines between ethically acceptable practices and legal

The proposed topics should be largely related to Kyrgyzstan and
exceptionally to other Central Asian countries.

To apply:

send us your CV clearly showing your previous research experience
submit a one-page proposal explaining the problem area you intend to explore
and describing your research methodology.

Local scholars are strongly encouraged to apply. Proposals can be submitted
in Russian or English languages, and should be typed using New Times Roman
12, Single Spacing. The criteria for selection will be judged based on the
proposals' clarity and usefulness as well as relevance of applicants' work

Submission procedure:

Applications can be submitted electronically to Ms. Chinara Esengul, SRC's
Projects Officer, at Hardcopy can be posted to
Social Research Center, American University of Central Asia, 205 Abdumomunov
Street, Room 233, 720040 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Please note that only
successful candidates will be contacted.

Deadline for applications is 5 p.m., 29 July, 2008

Notification of acceptance: 1 August, 2008

Submission of final papers: 15 October, 2008

For further information, please contact:

Ms. Chinara Esengul
Projects Officer, Social Research Center, AUCA
Tel: +996 312 66 33 09 (ext.276)

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