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CONF./CFP- The II International Private Law Congress, Baku, Apr. 30-May 1, 2009

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CONF./CFP- The II International Private Law Congress, Baku, Apr. 30-May 1, 2009

Posted by: Ibrahim Keles <>

The II International Private Law Congress:

"International Trade"

April 30 and May 1, 2009.

The Faculty of Law, Qafqaz University, holds symposium on the theme of
"International Trade", as a continuation of a series of private law
conference held in 2005 - year. The symposium will be held between
April 30 and May 1, 2009.


The legal system of the Soviet Union totalitarian character of based
upon the Marxist ideology has prevented the development of private law
in this geography. Since the Soviet Union was a state based upon the
Marxist ideology private property over production factors was rejected
and any kind of private initiative was banned. In such a legal
environment there was no opportunity for the development of private law.

The states that gained independence as a result of the decay of the
Soviet Union have had serious changes to experience in the political
and economic fields during the process of restructuring. The CIS
countries, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, transited to the
relationship of the production and commerce private ownership and all
bans on private property and free enterprise was abolished.

As a result of this change the new private legal relationship
established which in turn should have been regulated by legacy. Almost
all the newly established states including Azerbaijan removed the ban
on both private property of production factors and private initiative.
For this purpose in 29.12.1999 in Azerbaijan was adopted new Civil
Code, which entered into force on 01.09.2000. Lack of sufficient legal
norms and existence of many gaps in the law, very often encountered
with changing legislation. On the other hand, the CIS countries have
very recent past regarding to developing own private law, faced with a
strong sense of a shortage of specialists in that area and the lack of
research and literature.

So, the major purpose of organising an international conference in
private law according to Qafqaz University is enable scientific
discussions on the current problems faced in private law and
contribute to the development of private law in Azerbaijan. It's also
clear that the development of private law can contribute to the
improvement of the economy and social structure. In this context we
would like to stress that adoption and implementation of stable and
purposeful regulations would play a vital role in the development and
stimulation of private law relations and in particular of trade
relations. This can also lead to the placement of foreign direct
investment in Azerbaijan in an easier and legally more secure form and
can make investments in Azerbaijan especially attractive to foreign
capital. Because in a system of insecure and unstable legal
regulations, investment is less attractive which is very natural,
whereas in a contrary case capital.

We hope to hear very useful and important opinions of the esteem
participants on the formation of the necessary legal environment with
regard to private law relations in a postsoviet country as Azerbaijan.


The last date to send abstracts reports: 31.12.2008
Date of communication approvals theme reports: 15.01.2009
The last date of sending the full text reports: 01.03.2009
Approval of the text of the report: 15.03.2009
Symposium dates: 30.04.2009 - 01.05.2009

Subjects and Sections:

1. Intellectual Right
2. Arbitration
3. Acreditive
4. Faktoring
5. Franchaysing
6. Securities
7. E-commerce
8. International Transport

Requirements for Reports:

1. The reporter's first name, last name, degree, occupation and e-mail
address should be specified.
2. The content of a report should not exceed 10 pages (A4) and its
summary is to be in more than 2 pages (A4). Both report and summary
should be typed in 14 point Times New Roman with margins (left 25 mm,
right 10 mm, top 25 mm, and bottom 20 mm). Reports should be attached
a summary in English. May 15, 2008 is set a deadline for the
submission of reports to the congress coordinating address:
3. Reports must be original, useful and creative. All reports will be
carefully evaluated and selected for the congress by Scientific Jury.
4. Reports may be written in any of the specified languages:
Azerbaijan, Turkish, English or Russian.
5. Denied reports will not be returned.
6. Reports sent after the deadline will not be considered.
7. Details should be specified under subtitles.
8. Notification of acceptance will be sent to authors 15 days after
the deadline.

Organization Committee:

Prof. Dr.Ahmet SANIÇ
Prof.Dr. Niftali QOCAYEV
Pof.Dr. Mustafa AKDAG
Dr. Osman Nuri ARAS


Dr. Server Süleymanli:
Dr. Mübariz Yolcuyev:;
Ismayil Ismayilli:
Hafiz Atakisiyev:

Qafqaz Üniversitesi
Hirdalan, Bakü, AZERBAYCAN
Tel: (+99412) 4482862/66
Faks: (+99412) 4482861/67

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