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JOURNAL/CFP- Journal of Genocide Research, Soviet Mass Violence

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JOURNAL/CFP- Journal of Genocide Research, Soviet Mass Violence

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Thematic Issue of the Journal of Genocide Research (JGR)

New Perspectives on Soviet Mass Violence

The study of Soviet mass violence has for a long time been
overshadowed by ideological disputes and battles of the Cold War.
Even Raphael Lemkin, the self-proclaimed founder of the UN Genocide
Convention and pioneer of the study of mass violence, was an ardent
anticommunist and recommended the United States to sponsor an
international special committee to investigate Soviet genocide (See
Anton Weiss-Wendt' s article "Hostage of Politics: Raphael Lemkin on
'Soviet Genocide'" in the Journal of Genocide Research 7 (2005), Nr.
4, 551-559). Furthermore, Ernst Nolte's apologetic comparison between
the crimes of Hitler and Stalin that led to the West German
Historikerstreit (historians' quarrel) in 1986 has further politically
charged and complicated a serious academic investigation of Soviet
mass violence. Since the end of the Cold War, a number of unbiased
studies have broadened our knowledge about genocide, ethnic cleansing
and other forms of mass violence in the former Soviet Union. However,
several aspects as for example the deportation of the Chechens and
other Caucasian peoples and the Ukrainian famine 1932/33 need more
empirical research.

To foster the discussion on Soviet mass violence, the editors of the
Journal of Genocide Research are therefore inviting papers for a
thematic issue devoted to this topic. The editors welcome original
and innovative articles dealing with all possible aspects of Soviet
mass violence from the beginning of the civil war to the end of the
Cold War.

Proposals (max. 2 pages) for papers should be submitted with a short
biographical sketch by July 15 to both editors:

Dominik J. Schaller (dominik.schaller@

Jürgen Zimmerer (

The articles, which should be a maximum of 8500 words including
documentation, will be due at December 10, 2008.

After initial editor screening, all submissions will undergo peer review.

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