Monday, December 10, 2007

Update Concerning Your Central-Eurasia-L Subscription (

Dear James Pickett:

This note concerns your subscription to Central-Eurasia-L.

You are subscribed with the address:

First, please note that we have been experiencing technical problems with the
list for the past week (again). The cause of the problems is unknown, and
though similar issues have been affecting our various lists on Harvard
University's Mailman server, it has affected Central-Eurasia-L much more
severely, probably because of the large number of subscribers (ca. 6,000).
We regret the delay of postings to the list over the past week; the
accumulated messages will be sent out over the next couple of days.

Second, to reduce problems, we will now do some housekeeping to ensure that
addresses subscribed to the list are valid. Please check the address you are
subscribed under (, and let us know if we should
change it to a more current/appropriate one. You can send updates in reply
to this email, or use the webform at

Third, in the continuing effort to cope with the flood of spam and other junk
sent to the list address (which we have to filter through to find the actual
postings), we are changing the list posting address. From now on, please note
that announcements you would like to send to Central-Eurasia-L should be sent
to this address: CEL@fas.harv and then (put the pieces
together; we don't put them together here, because unfortunately there are
automatic email "spiders" out there scooping up email addresses to
use for spam).

Fourth, in recovering the list, some subscriber settings were lost, including
list passwords. In order to change your settings (which most people actually
don't do), you will need to have the Mailman list server send you the newly
assigned password, which you can do at:
(where you can click the "Reminder" button to have the new password
sent to you).

Fifth, if you receive this message but have not received postings from
Central-Eurasia-L for more than 10 days, this is because your email system
rejects them -- probably treating them as spam. This problem is increasing,
and seems to affect many hotmail and yahoo addresses among others. This is a
problem that you might be able to get your email provider to solve, but you
may have to switch to another email address (may people have been switching
to the free service provided by [Google]).

Sixth, you may be interested in subscribing to our other list,
Central-Asia-Harvard-List, if you are not already. That list carries
announcements about things happening at and around Harvard (you won't get
this information from the Central-Eurasia-L list, which covers the rest of
the world). If interested, you can write back to this address, or visit:

Seventh, please let us know if we have not correctly associated this email
address with your name as 'James PICKETT'.

Finally, I want to bring to your attention that the list has optional
settings which allow you to temporarily suspend delivery of messages (for
example to avoid an accumulation on your email account while you are away
for the holidays), as well as to receive messages in digest format (i.e.,
in bundles rather than individually). To change your settings, go to the
link given in the fourth paragraph above.

John Schoeberlein
Director, Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus

Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus
Davis Center \ Harvard University
1730 Cambridge St., Room S-320 \ Cambridge, MA 02138 \ USA
Program office: +1/617-496-2643 fax: +1/617-495-8319
HPCAC website:
Central-Eurasia-L Editorial Addr:
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