Monday, December 31, 2007

My best wishes to you for 2008

To: James Pickett
From: John Schoeberlein
Belmont, Mass., Dec. 31, 2007

Dear James Pickett,

[Pictured below - our son Kanat, born epicurean, enjoying a peach]
Kanat enjoying peach

With Best Wishes for 2008

We start our lives with little sense of what prompts the worse things
that people do. The clumsy, terribly destructive, and almost
senseless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan stick in my mind as low points
of our era, for what humanity can achieve. But our one-year-old,
Kanat enjoying a peach, shows me what our innate love of life draws
us toward instead.

May we approach 2008, like a clean page, ready to make the best of
life -- approaching as well as we can the wisdom of the newly born.

May we all fulfill the best and partake of the best in 2008 !


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