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CENTRAL ASIA AND CAUCASUS SEMINAR- Colette Harris, Masculinities and Violence in Tajikistan, Dec. 6

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CENTRAL ASIA SEMINAR- C. Harris, Masculinities & Violence in Tajikistan, Dec. 6

Posted by: John Schoeberlein <>

REMINDER of tomorrow's seminar...

Central Asia and Caucasus Seminar

"Masculinities and Violence in Tajikistan: From the Domestic to the Civil War"

Colette Harris
Senior Lecturer on Conflict, Governance and Development
University of East Anglia, England

Thursday, December 6
12:15-2:00 pm

CGIS South, Room S-354
1730 Cambridge Street, 3rd Floor
Harvard University
Cambridge, Mass.

Colette Harris has done extensive field research in Tajikistan and
focuses issues of violence and conflict, sexualities, and community
development, among others. She has recently published books entitled
"Muslim Youth: Tensions and Transitions in Tajikistan" (2006) and
"Control and Subversion: Gender Relations in Tajikistan" (2004).

NOTE!! This event is not at our usual time, but rather noon on Thursday!!

Open to the public

Sponsored by:

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