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SYMPOSIUM- Armenians and the Left, Harvard Univ., March 31 - TODAY

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SYMPOSIUM- Armenians and the Left, Harvard Univ., March 31 - TODAY

Date: Saturday, March 31, 2007
Time: 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Location: CGIS S010 (Tsai Auditorium)
A panel discussion, presented by: Peter Balakian, Professor of
Humanities, Colgate University; Halil Berktay, Professor of History at
Sabanci University, Istanbul

Hosted by: Armenians and the Left and the Center for Middle Eastern
Studies, Harvard University

More info: Contact Sevag Arzoumanian at

Part of the "Armenians and the Left" 1-Day Symposium in Cambridge

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Full Schedule:


Panel I: The Media and Social Injustice in Armenia

Moderator: Antranig Kasbarian, "Armenians and the Left" Organizing Committee


Edik Baghdasaryan, Hetq Investigative Journalists Union, Yerevan

Gayane Torosyan, Professor of Mass Communications, SUNY-Oneonta

Khatchig Mouradian, Editor, The Armenian Weekly


Stephen Kurkjian, Senior Editor, The Boston Globe


Panel II: Environmental Politics in Armenia

Moderator: Jeff Masarjian, Director, Armenia Tree Project


Jeffrey Tufenkian, President, "Armenian Forests" NGO, Yerevan

Ann Shirinian-Orlando, US Representative, Greens Union of Armenia

other participants TBA


Panel III: Armeno-Turkish Relations: Pitfalls & Possibilities
Following Hrant Dink's Assassination


Henry Theriault, Director, Center for Human Rights, Worcester State College


Peter Balakian, Professor of Humanities, Colgate University

Halil Berktay, Professor of History at Sabanci University, Istanbul

"Armenians and the Left" organizes conferences, lectures and
discussion groups that take a critical look at, and offer progressive
analyses of, a range of subjects pertinent to the Armenian people's
political, social and economic situation within a global context.
These public forums explore alternative ways of understanding
Armenia's predicament besides the conventional, state-centered
approaches and examine how Armenian activists can build coalitions
with other dispossessed groups and progressive movements.

The first "Armenians and the Left" conference was held in New York and
Boston in April of 2006 and was jointly hosted by the Armenian
Revolutionary Federation (ARF) in the Eastern United States and the
Nation Institute (publishers of The Nation magazine). The conference
opened up numerous essential topics and critical perspectives, many of
which rarely figure as priorities in the mainstream agenda of
Armenian-American politics, such as globalization, American
militarism, human rights in Armenia, reparations, women and political
power, Armeno-Turkish dialog, etc.

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