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PUBL.- Articles Analyzing Politics in Kyrgyzstan, Institute for Public Policy

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PUBL.- Articles Analyzing Politics in Kyrgyzstan, Institute for Public Policy

Posted by: Shairbek Juraev <>

The following are the latest articles of the Institute for Public
Policy, Kyrgyzstan (February 20 - March 19, 2007), appearing on the
Institute's website:

"We overworked the Constitution so that none of the Constitutions in
Kyrgyzstan get public legitimization."
Interview with Muratbek Imanaliev

"Kyrgyzstan in Search of a Recipe for Competitiveness"
Anar Musabaeva

"Kyrgyzstan: Democratic Success or Threat to Stability?"
Valentin Bogatyrev

"Central Asia in 2007: Dynamics of Change and Development"
Conference summary

"Authorities-Opposition" Tandem in 2007"
Bakyt Beshimov

"State Construction and Romanticism of Nationalism"
Muratbek Imanaliev

"Constitutional Reform and Powers of the Highest Government Bodies in
Kyrgyzstan: A New Balance?"
Gulnara Iskakova

"Kyrgyz Foreign Policy Priorities in 2007"
Round table summary

IPP news:

On 23 March 2007, at 11:00-12:30 Dr. Klaus Grewlich, German Ambassador
to the Kyrgyz Republic, will speak on the EU strategy for Central Asia
at the Institute for Public Policy. Chair: Muratbek Imanaliev,
President of the Institute for Public Policy.
To register, please call 906240, or email

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Russian version is available at

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Institute for Public Policy (IPP) is a Bishkek-based independent,
non-partisan research and policy institution. IPP's scope is to study
and analyze relevant issues in the domains of politics, economy
foreign relations and other areas. The Institute is committed to
promote participatory approach in establishing public policy; to
strengthen expert analysis in order to achieve effective
decision-making in matters of public policy and to create an
independent platform for dialogue on public policy issues.

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