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CONF.- Eurasian Women and Self-reliance, March 22, 2007, California

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CONF.- Eurasian Women and Self-reliance, March 22, 2007, California

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Eurasian Women and Self-reliance:
Religion and Education in the Contemporary World
California State University, Long Beach
The Pointe at the Pyramid

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The symposium will address women's position and role in forging
contemporary identities in several Eurasian societies during the
twentieth century and contemporary times. The purpose of this
symposium is to talk about the self-reliance of Eurasian women when
faced with pressures coming from the state, society, and external
forces. The three sessions will address the importance of studying
and teaching women's history and gender roles when discussing
geography, religion, and education in Eurasia. Our focus will be on
women's responses to their socialist and/or nationalist governments'
policies regarding cultural, educational and religious reforms. We
will explore the education of the girl child and women during
transitional periods in history of Eastern Europe, Southwest and South
Asia. The panelists will present their primary research on the
following topics:

- Preserving religious identities in revolutionary times
- Forging contemporary womanhood during early communist and
nationalist periods
- Contending with sweeping education reforms during the times of
revolutionary fervor
- Responding to limits and attacks of religious expression under
autocratic governments
- Resisting state oppression and societal pressure
- Modern education and globalization on religious change

Opening Remarks: Dee Abrahamse, Professor Emerita of History, CSULB
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Choi Chatterjee (History, California
State University, Los Angeles)

Women Challenge Reform And Revolution In The Soviet Union And Bulgaria
Chair: Adrienne Edgar, University of California, Santa Barbara
Kate Brown, University of Maryland, Baltimore: "The Hidden Terrain:
Sectarians Radicalism in Tsarist and Soviet Ukraine"
Mary Neuburger, University of Texas, Austin: "Women on the Edge of
Time: Muslim Women and the Negotiation of Nation and Modernity in
Communist Bulgaria"
Douglas Northrop, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor: "A Visual Voice?
Muslim Women and the Choice to Un/Veil"
Ali Igmen, CSULB: "Heroines, Actresses and the Soviet State: Kyrgyz
Women Assert Themselves"
Discussant: Caitlin Murdock, CSULB

Women Face Educational Reform And Writing Of History In Muslim China,
South Asia And Secular Turkey
Chair: Andrew Jenks, CSULB
Linda Benson, Oakland University: "Daughters of Ipar Han: Writing
Women's History in Muslim China"
Jyotsna Pattnaik, CSULB: "Education and Empowerment of the Girl Child
in South Asia: Intersections of Culture, Religion, Economics,
Policies, and Politics"
Kathryn Libal, University of Connecticut: "Popular Education and Women
as (Mother-) Citizens in the Early Turkish Republic"
Discussant: Sharon Sievers, CSULB

Women And Men Negotiate Modernity, Space, Identity And Feminism In
Yemen And India
Chair: Houri Berberian, CSULB
Sophia Pandya, CSULB: "Religious Change among Yemeni Women: The New
Popularity of 'Amr Khalid"
Bipasha Baruah, CSULB: "A Hand Up, Not a Handout: Vocational Training
for Low-Income Women in India"
Paul Perret, CSULB: "Men, Masculinities, and Gender Equality: New
Challenges and Opportunities"
Discussant: Elizabeth Philipose (CSULB)

The Organizer and Contact Person: Ali F. Igmen (Department of History,
CSULB). Please register:

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