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EVENT- Navruz at Columbia University, March 20, 2007

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EVENT- Navruz at Columbia University, March 20, 2007

Posted by: Farkhod S. Muradov <>

Join us in celebration of Spring Equinox!

A Turkic-Speaking Peoples Spring Festival

Time: Tuesday, March 20, 5 p.m.

Place: Lerner Hall, Party Space, Columbia University (corner of
Broadway and 115 St)

Turkic Nations' cousin, performances and music (FREE ADMISSION)!

Celebration of the ancient Eurasian holiday ­ Navruz: Azeri, Kazakh,
Kyrgyz, Tajik, Turkish, and Uzbek music and dance performances will be
presented! National cuisines from Central Asia and Turkey will be served!

Navruz - "New Day" - is the pan-Eurasian holiday celebrating the
spring equinox and widely celebrated in the Central Asian republics,
Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey. Delicious traditional cuisine, music,
dance and company of family and friends are common elements of the
holiday celebrations throughout the region.

Event is open to public and everyone is welcome! For non-Columbia
affiliates: please RSVP through email at:

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