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LECTURE- Kyrgyzstan: The Last Chance for Freedom in Central Asia, 3/28/07

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LECTURE- Kyrgyzstan: The Last Chance for Freedom in Central Asia, 3/28/07

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Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA
The Central Asia-Caucasus Institute, SAIS, JHU

"Kyrgyzstan: The Last Chance for Freedom in Central Asia"

Ambassador Bakyt Beshimov, Vice-president for Academic Affairs,
American University of Central Asia,

Commentator: Dr. Anara Tabyshalieva, Kyrgyzstan Institute for Regional Studies

Moderator: Dr. S. Frederick Starr, Chairman of the Central Asia
Caucasus Institute

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007
5:00-7:00 p.m.

SAIS Rome Auditorium, 1619 Massachusetts Avenue, NW

Ambassador Bakyt Beshimov combines extensive experience in education,
politics, diplomacy, and development. He is presently the
Vice-president for Academic Affairs at the American University in
Central Asia. His vision and goal in this position is to transform the
university into a vibrant source of leadership, driving Central Asian
development and integration. Prior to this, Bakyt Beshimov served as
Kyrgyzstan*s Ambassador to India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh.
His ambassadorial work centered on building the foundation for a
lasting, fruitful, and multi-level friendship between these countries
and Kyrgyzstan, and capitalizing on powerful emerging trends such as
IT, renewable energy, and regional trade and tourism. Before this
diplomatic assignment, Ambassador Beshimov served as a Member of
Parliament of Kyrgyzstan, where he developed the Parliament*s
important linkages with international organizations and pushed for
progressive investment, education, and anti-corruption reforms. He
also served as the Rector of the Osh State University and upon
assumption of that post became the youngest university rector in
Kyrgyzstan. In his six years at the university, he transformed it from
its earlier position as a regional pedagogic institute, opening
several new departments and learning centers, such as medicine,
business and management, theology, the Center for the Study of the
Indian Civilization, and the Modern Languages Laboratory. Throughout
this time and in conjunction with his primary professional roles, he
served as the National Manager of the United Nations Ferghana Valley
Development Program and of the UNDP Local Initiative for Urban
Environment. He is a frequent contributor to national and regional
media, and he sees his public role as adding vision to opportunity and
analysis to vision. His dream for Central Asia is that of a region of
vibrant, positive cultures, humane, visionary politics, and dynamic,
innovative economies. He received the Bachelor's, Master's and
Candidate's degrees in history and political science from Kyrgyz
National University.

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