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PUBL.- The Economics and Politics of Oil in the Caspian Basin

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PUBL.- The Economics and Politics of Oil in the Caspian Basin

Posted by: Sarah Slater <Sarah.Slater@tandf.co.uk>

Routledge are pleased to announce the publication of:

The Economics and Politics of Oil in the Caspian Basin
The Redistribution of Oil Revenues in Azerbaijan and Central Asia

Edited by Boris Najman, University of Paris XII, France, Richard
Pomfret, University of Adelaide, Australia and Gaël Raballand, World
Bank, Washington DC, USA

The Caspian Basin region has boomed since the late 1990s due to new
oil discoveries, new pipelines that have diversified countries'
transport options and world oil prices that have risen from below $10
in 1998 to $70 in 2006.

This book analyzes the experience of the Caspian countries during the
oil boom. It is founded on empirical studies, using either
macroeconomic tools or an analysis of public budgets, or
microeconometric analysis of household survey data or fieldwork in
oil-producing regions. Moving from aggregated to disaggregated
analysis and, in-keeping with its emphasis on rigorous empirical
analysis to the greatest extent possible, several chapters are written
by specialists on the Caspian region. Whilst there is an emphasis on
the economic consequences of the oil boom, the interdisciplinary
aspects of the phenomenon are also recognized. Overall, the analysis
is firmly rooted in the region, yet the empirical studies also provide
a basis for drawing broader lessons about the effects of an oil boom.

August 2007: 234x156: 256pp
Hb: 978-0-415-43410-2: £90.00

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