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DEADLINE EXT.- INTERNSHIP, Social Research Center, American University-Central Asia, Bishkek

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DEADLINE EXT.- INTERNSHIP, Social Research Center, American Univ.-Central Asia

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INTERNSHIP, Social Research Center, American University of Central Asia,
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Position: Intern

Place: Social Research Center at American University-Central Asia

Deadline for Fall Internship (3 months unpaid internship): AUGUST 27, 2007

The Social Research Center (SRC) at American University of Central Asia
(AUCA) is pleased to announce the opportunity of doing an internship with
our center for a time period of from three months up to one year. The
purpose of this internship is to expose international graduate students to
the work of the research center and to enhance their educational experiences
through completion of practical work assignments. The internship would best
suit the candidates who are eager to contribute their enthusiastic efforts
to the development of newly established research center, which aims to
become a sound think tank in the nearest future, and to deepen their
knowledge about the Central Asia region, through close interaction with the
educational environment.

AUCA is a non-profit organization in the heart of Central Asia considered
the leading institution of higher education in the region. It is recognized
internationally as a university based on the American liberal arts tradition
of free and critical inquiry. The SRC, as an integral part of AUCA, was
established in 2005 with the mission to promote the long-lasting development
of principles and practices of democracy, rule of law, and social equality
in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia, through carrying out research and policy
analysis. Please refer to our center's website at to find
out more information on current and previous activities.

The SRC offers its interns to advance their grantsmanship as well as
organizational and analytical skills while collaboratively working with AUCA
and external researchers. The intern will be encouraged to develop and
implement creative ideas that complement their professional development with
respect to the SRC's agenda. This will also be excellent opportunity for
intern to experience the diverse cultures in AUCA that has students coming
from more than 27 countries, including Afghanistan, China, and the USA.
Commonly, the intern will be given a chance to participate in roundtables,
conferences, forums and other educational events organized by SRC and AUCA.
Working with the team of SRC, the intern will be involved into
implementation of new initiatives to advance the development of the center
into sound think tank. The gained experience and connections established
during internship with local and foreign researchers will last lifetime, and
can be good contribution for future professional growth.

The SRC is flexible about the supervision scheme to be followed and is ready
to agree on details after negotiations with the intern. This is an unpaid
internship, and the SRC does not have the ability to cover travel,
accommodation, health insurance or any other related expenses. Therefore,
all interested candidates are strongly encouraged to obtain their own
funding. However, SRC will be willing to provide assistance in visa
arrangements and finding accommodation in Bishkek.

An intern must:

- Have or be pursuing a Master's Degree in social science disciplines
- Have sound analytical skills
- Have strong fundraising experience
- Show proficient oral and written skills in English
- Have excellent communication and leadership skills
- Be able to organize and manage diverse work tasks
- Be able to complete work tasks independently and in a timely manner
- It is expected that an intern will largely be involved in
fundraising, publication and communication activities. In particular,
an intern will:


- Assist in development of concept papers, detailed research
proposals and budgets for new projects
- Investigate funding opportunities to support new research projects
- Keep records of grant proposals and monitor time-lines
- Provide assistance in other fundraising activities initiated by SRC

Publications and Communication:

- Draft and produce summary reports of research at a high standard
for publication
- Produce summary reports and press-releases of SRC events (lectures,
roundtables, seminars, conferences) to be published in newsletters and
local mass media;
- Assist in updating the SRC's website on the running projects and other
related events.
- Contribute to development of the AUCA academic bulletin.

Other tasks:

- An intern may also be asked to carry out other job tasks.

All interested candidates should submit (1) a cover letter, stating the
reasons why she/he is seeking an internship with the SRC and how she/he
envisions benefiting from it, and (2) a resume clearly stating his/her
professional and educational experiences. These documents should be sent to:
Mr. Alexander Pugachev, Research Projects Officer, Social Research Center,
American University of Central Asia, 205 Abdumomunov Street, Bishkek,
Kyrgyzstan, 720040 or be e-mailed to

For further inquires or application status, please contact Alexander
Pugachev at

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