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PUBL.- Central Asia and the Caucasus, No. 4, 2007

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PUBL.- Central Asia and the Caucasus, No. 4, 2007

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Please find the contents of no. 4(45), 2007 of the 'Central Asia and the
Caucasus' journal (in English and Russian) below. The issue will be
published in late August.

Central Asia and the Caucasus
Journal of Social and Political Studies
No. 4 (46), 2007

In this Issue:

Energy Policy

Gulnur Rakhmatulina. Some Solutions to the Central Asian Region's Energy
Cooperation Problems

Alexander Arkhangelskiy. Prospects for Energy Interaction within the SCO

Demur Chomakhidze. Georgia: Natural Energy Resources

U.S.'s Policy in Central Eurasia: Specific and Prospects

Azeem Ibrahim. Evolving United States Policy toward the Caspian Region: A
Delicate Balance

Murat Laumulin. U.S. Strategy and Policy in Central Asia

Maxim Braterskiy. American Policy in Central Asia and Russia's Interests

Leonid Bondarets. American Military Presence in Kyrgyzstan: Problems and
Possible Repercussions (as of June 2007)

Rashid Abdullo. U.S. Policy in Tajikistan: from Recognition of Its
Independence to Partnership

Regional Security

Rustam Mamedov. Military-Political Activity in the Caspian in the
Post-Soviet Period (Legal Aspects)

Kirk Gusta, Lasha Tchantouridze. Up from the Montreux: Submarines for
Georgia, and NATO's Future in the Black Sea

Regional Politics

Nargis Kassenova. The EU in Central Asia: Strategy in the Context of
Eurasian Geopolitics

William Johnston. Iran's Cultural Policy in Central Asia and the Southern
Caucasus since 1991

Vladimir Mesamed. Iranian-Turkmen Relations in an Era of Change

Ethnic Relations

Mamuka Komakhia. Georgia's Slavic Population

Saule Tajibaeva, Timur Kozyrev. Statehood, Language, and Alphabet: A
Kazakhstan Case Study

For Your Information

The Special Feature section in the next issue will discuss:
Central Asia and the Caucasus

- Russia's Policy in Central Eurasia: Specifics and Prospects

- Energy Policy and Energy Projects in Central Eurasia

- The GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development in Regional
and International Dimensions

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