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PUBL.- Europe-Asia Studies: Volume 59 Issue

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PUBL.- Europe-Asia Studies: Volume 59 Issue 4

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Europe-Asia Studies: Volume 59 Issue 4

The historical foundations of party politics in post-communist East
Central Europe p. 541
Authors: James Toole

Framing ethnic minority mobilisation in Central Asia: The cases of
Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan p. 567
Authors: Matteo Fumagalli

Networked poverty in rural Russia p. 591
Authors: Sergei Shubin

Belgrade, Pale, Knin: Kin-state Control over rebellious puppets? p. 621
Authors: Nina Caspersen

Elite networks and worldviews during the Yel'tsin years p. 643
Authors: Andrew D. Buck

Stalin and the Soviet famine of 1932 ­ 33 Revisited p. 663
Authors: Michael Ellman

Men in Contemporary Russia: The Fallen Heroes of Post-Soviet Change p. 695

Books received p. 705

List of Contributors p. 707

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