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IN MEMORIUM- Vladimir A. Moiseev (1948-2007)

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IN MEMORIUM- Vladimir A. Moiseev (1948-2007)

Posted by: Vladimir Boyko <>

We inform you with deep regret that Professor Vladimir Anisimovich
Moiseev passed away after short, but hard struggle with stomach
cancer. It's a bitter loss not only for regional (Altai), but Russian
and international scholarship as well - Vladimir Moiseev was one of
the best Russian experts in history of international relations in
Central Asia, he authored about 150 works, including several
individual and edited books, documentary collections: Russia and China
in Central Asia (second half of XIX - 1917). Barnaul, 2003. - 346 p.
is among the most comprehensive works in the field, this research had
been done with the support of Chiang Ching Kuo Foundation (Taiwan).

Vladimir Moiseev was born in Russian Altai in 1948, he graduated
university in Almata (Kazakhstan) and Institute of Oriental Studies
(USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow), where he defended PhD on history
of Qing China's policy in Tuva and Mountain Altai under supervision of
noted historian Professor Boris Gurevich. His Dr of History thesis was
focused on the history of Junghar khanate relations with Central Asian
and Siberian peoples and states. Since coming back from Kazakhstan to
homeland - Russian Altai, he taught at Altai State University, where
he also established and chaired the Department of Oriental Studies.
Prof Moiseev was the first (1996-99) Director of Center for Regional
Studies at Barnaul State Pedagogical University.

Already being mortally sick, he published the impressive volume of
scholarly papers devoted to the memory of his beloved teacher Prof
Gurevich - "Actual problems of Central Asia and China: history and
contemporaneity", Barnaul, 2006. - 470 p. - farewell and noble gesture
for his colleagues, friends and disciples in Altai, Russia and elsewhere.

Civil funeral to the memory of Vladimir Moiseev will be held on 20th
June 2007 in Altai State University, Barnaul, Lenina avenue 61, since
10.00 to 12.00. Tel: +7 3852 668455, fax +7 3852 668458, e-mail:

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