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ONLINE RESOURCES- Eurasian Cultural History and the "Great Game"

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ONLINE RESOURCES- Eurasian Cultural History and the "Great Game"

Posted by: Dan Waugh <>

Note several new online resources relating to Eurasian cultural
history and a new electronic publication on the "Great Game" in Central Asia:

* A spectacular exhibition at The British Library through September,
"Sacred: Discover what we share: The world's greatest collection of
Jewish, Christian and Muslim holy books," with innovative access to
its highlights via the Internet ( For
example, one can turn pages of Sultan Baybars' Qur'an, hear the Arabic
text being recited, read a translation of it, or hear a discussion of
it in English. More generally, the Library's new Online Gallery uses
innovative technology to allow one to page or scroll through important
books (among them the Dunhuang copy of The Diamond Sutra).

* The International Dunhuang Project is adding material apace to its
website ( In particular, note that superb images of
the Dunhuang paintings and textiles in the UK collections can now be
accessed via using the IDP search page. A recent addition is the
hundreds of previously inaccessible textiles from Dunhuang housed in
the Victoria and Albert Museum.

* Silk Road Seattle has added hundreds of new captioned images to its
museum pages, upgrading its display for the Victoria and Albert Museum
and with a whole new section for the British Museum. The latter
material includes a significant selection from the Islamic collections
(especially ceramics and coins) and a good many of the stucco
sculptures brought back from China by Aurel Stein. Access via:

* A new online publication, based on extensive work in collections of
the British Library:
Daniel C. Waugh, Etherton at Kashgar: Rhetoric and Reality in the
History of the "Great Game" (Seattle: Bactrian Press, 2007;, 76
pp. This is a reassessment of British Intelligence activity and in
particular the career of the British Consul P. T. Etherton at Kashgar
(Xinjiang) in the aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution.

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