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PUBL.- Communist and Post-Communist Studies, Volume 40, Issue 2

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PUBL.- Communist and Post-Communist Studies, Volume 40, Issue 2

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Communist and Post-Communist Studies
Volume 40, Issue 2, Pages 123-268 (June 2007)
Special Issue: Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Central Asia:
Dimensions and Challenges
Edited by Karina Korostelina and Dennis J.D. Sandole

Introduction: Conflicts in Central Asia
Pages 123-127
Karina V. Korostelina

Will there be revolution in Central Asia?
Pages 129-141
Mark N. Katz

Dugin, Eurasianism, and Central Asia
Pages 143-156
Dmitry Shlapentokh

Prospects for energy cooperation in the Caspian Sea
Pages 157-168
Gawdat Bahgat

Migration trends in Central Eurasia: Politics versus economics
Pages 169-189
Andrei V. Korobkov

The environment, security and regional cooperation in Central Asia
Pages 191-208
Douglas L. Tookey

Dynamics of Islam, identity, and institutional rule in Uzbekistan:
Constructing a paradigm for conflict resolution
Pages 209-221
Reuel R. Hanks

The system of social identities in Tajikistan: Early warning and
conflict prevention
Pages 223-238
Karina Korostelina

The erosion of vospitaniye (social upbringing) in post-Soviet
Kyrgyzstan: Voices from the schools
Pages 239-256
Alan J. DeYoung

Central Asia: Managing the delicate balance between the "discourse of
danger," the "Great Game," and regional problem solving
Pages 257-267
Dennis J.D. Sandole

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