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PUBL.- Journal of Black Sea Studies in Memoriam of O. Pritsak

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PUBL.- Journal of Black Sea Studies in Memoriam of O. Pritsak

Posted by: Osman Karatay <karatay.osman@gmail.com>

The spring 2007 issue (IV/13) of the journal Karadeniz Arastirmalari
(Black Sea Studies) in memoriam of Omeljan Pritsak (1919-2006), an
eminent specialist on early Turkic and Slavic studies, is published.


p. 1 Omeljan Pritsak (1919-2006) / Altay Tayfun Ozcan (Turkish)
p. 11 In Memoriam of Omeljan Pritsak / Ilber Ortayli (Turkish)
p. 15 The Conversion of the Khazar Kingdom to Judaism / Omeljan
Pritsak (Turkish translation)
p. 35 Khubrat Khan and the Establishment of the Magna Bulgaria / Ali
Ahmetbeyoglu (Turkish)
p. 43 Khazars and Karaites, Again / Dan D.Y. Shapira (English)
p. 65 A Pamphlet about the Ottoman Black Sea / Yücel Oztürk (Turkish)
p. 93 The Black Sea and Turkey in Ukrainian Geopolitical Thought of the
20th Century / Yuri Kochubey (English)
p. 99 The Balkan Policy of Russia after the Cold War / Ýlyas Kamalov (Turkish)
p. 115 Factors Determining Ukrainian Foreign Policy / Tolga Bilener (Turkish)
p. 133 Arslan Aba Hasbeg, the Atabeg (Viceroy) of Meraga / Engin Ayan (Turkish)
p. 147 Common Features in Crimean and Kazan Tatar Religious Songs /
Güzel Tuymova (Turkish)
p. 153 Turkish Cemeteries in Dobrogea / Sinan Uygur (Turkish)

Book Review

p. 159 Neal Ascherson: Black Sea / Osman Karatay
p. 162 Uluslararasý Karadeniz Ýncelemeleri Dergisi (International
Journal of Black Sea Studies) / Yahya Kemal Taþtan
p. 166 Abstracts (Turkish)
p. 169 Abstracts (English)

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