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PUBL.- Journal of Power Institutions in Post-Soviet Societies,, Issue 6/7

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PUBL.- Journal of Power Inst. in Post-Soviet Societies,, Issue 6/7

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Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to inform you that a new issue (6/7) of the Journal of
Power Institutions in Post-Soviet Societies ( on "The
Social and Political Role of War Veterans" is now available on-line.

You will find below the table of contents.


Elisabeth Sieca-Kozlowski
Chief Editor

Issue 6/7 - 2007 – The Social and Political Role of War Veterans

Introduction by Elisabeth Sieca-Kozlowski (6/7 issue editor)

The Social and Political Role of War Veterans - Articles

Pavel Petrovich Shcherbinin
The Peculiarities of Social Welfare for Military Service Veterans in
the Russian Empire, 18th through early 20th Centuries (in Russian)

Natalia Danilova
Veterans' Policy in Russia: a Puzzle of Creation

Amandine Regamey
La 6e compagnie : les interprétations d'une défaite russe en
Tchétchénie [The 6th Company: debates around a Russian military defeat
in Chechnya]

The Social and Political Role of War Veterans – Conversation

Interview of Tanya Lokshina, President of the Demos center, conducted
by Olga Filippova, Moscow, 11 May 2007

Defence Reform in Central Asia

Erica Marat
State-Propagated Narratives about a National Defender in Central Asian States

Document on Power Ministries

Julian Cooper
The Funding of the Power Agencies of the Russian State

Book Reviews (7 titles)

Zhanna Kormina, Rituals of Departure to the Military Service in Late
Imperial Russia, Moscow: NLO publishing house, 2005, 376 pages.
(reviewed by: Konstantin Vannikov)

Olga Litvak, Conscription and the Search for Modern Russian Jewry,
Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2006, 273 pages.
(reviewed by: Theodore R. Weeks)

Roger R. Reese, Red Commanders: A Social History of the Soviet Army
Officer Corps, 1918-1991, Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2005,
315 pages.
(reviewed by: Dale Herspring)

Valerii Anisimkov, Russia in the mirror of prison criminal traditions,
Sankt-Petersburg: Iuridicheskii Center Press, 2003, 204 pages.
(reviewed by: Anton Oleynik)

John B. Dunlop, The 2002 Dubrovka and 2004 Beslan Hostage Crises. A
Critique of Russian Counter-Terrorism. With a foreword by Donald N.
Jensen. Stuttgart: Ibidem-Verlag, 2006, 166 pages.
(reviewed by: Amandine Regamey)

Hana Cervinkova, Playing Soldiers in Bohemia: An Ethnography of NATO
Membership. Prague Studies in Sociocultural Anthropology 4, 2006, 161 pages.
(reviewed by: Marybeth Peterson Ulrich)

Helena Carreiras, Gender and the Military. Women in the Armed Forces
of Western Democracies, London: Routledge (Cass Military Studies),
2006, 262 pages.
(reviewed by: Vincent Porteret)

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