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SEMINAR- Identity among Uzbeks and Kyrgyz of Ferghana Valley, SRC-AUCA, Feb. 26

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SEMINAR- Identity among Uzbeks and Kyrgyz of Ferghana Valley, SRC-AUCA, Feb. 26

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The Social Research Center (SRC) at the American University of Central
Asia ( under its Research Seminars Series presents:

RESEARCH SEMINAR: "Dynamics of Identity Formations among the Uzbeks
and Kyrgyz of the Ferghana Valley"

SPEAKER: Dr Elmira Kuchumkulova, Associate Professor, Department of
Cultural Anthropology, American University in Central Asia

Time: 5 pm, February 26, 2008
Venue: 232, AUCA (main building)

Language: English

Abstract: In her presentation, Dr Kuchumkulova will discuss the
dynamics of identity formation in the formerly nomadic Kyrgyz and
sedentary Uzbek societies that have interacted in the Ferghana Valley
shared by Uzbekistan and southern Kyrgyzstan. She will present
interesting interview materials taken from a group of ethnic Kyrgyz
who lived among the Uzbeks in the Namangan province of Uzbekistan for
more than forty years and analyze the socio-cultural legacies of
historical nomad and sedentary interaction in creating and fostering
the ethnic boundaries between the modern Kyrgyz and Uzbeks.

Bio: Dr Elmira Kuchumkulova received her PhD from the
Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Near and Middle Eastern Studies at
the University of Washington, Seattle, USA. Her doctoral dissertation
was on "Kyrgyz Nomadic Customs and the Impact of Re-Islamization after
Independence." She received her BA and MA from the same university.
Currently, Dr Kuchumkulova works as a Research Assistant at the
University of Central Asia (UCA), Bishkek.š She also teaches a course
on "Eurasian Nomadism" at the Anthropology Department at the AUCA.

Research Seminar Series: The Research Seminar Series is an initiative
of the SRC and it aims to provide a venue for the AUCA faculty, local
and foreign scholars to share the results of their current and
previous research projects with other scholars. The series intends to
encourage scholarly discourse at AUCA.

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